Every Band's Hometown

ELBY is a locals-only radio streaming service with global implications. Your community creates some pretty awesome stuff, we're here to show that off while making sure the artist gets paid as much as possible.

Capture the Scene

Much of your community's best work can only be found live at our local venues. We help bands record broadcast-quality tracks to play on the air, then we give full rights to the recording over to the artist and pay them to play it on our station.

Distribute the Tunage

ELBY shows you what your town's music scene is all about. We're just as proud of this place as your are. When touring artists come to town, they're treated as a part of our community while they're here and we play them too.

Partner with Businesses

We also work with local businesses to replace your high-priced BMI & ASCAP licenses with our own locally crafted & curated content. ELBY offers different streams to choose from depending on the atmosphere businesses want to create for their customers

Artist FAQ

The current ELBY Beta is accepting all artist submission for those currently established or playing shows in the Gainesville, FL area.

The goal of ELBY is to give as much as possible back to the artist. The ability to provide artists with a stipend goes a long way for the local bands just trying to make ends meet. ELBY Artists will be paid a percentage of the artist pool based on a percentage of overall listens.

It covers everything from ownership, to airtime, to payment, & more. Fill out the submission form below for a copy of the contract.

Business Owner?

Pay up to 80% less for music at your establishment

Compare our Service

If you play music in your Bar, Restaurant, or Retail space, your business should be paying fees to one or all of the royalties corporations listed above based on your establishments occupancy. These fees typically run at about $1000 a year, not including other recurring administrative costs. 

Play ELBY's local music streams, tailored to your business, for just $20 a month. Commercial Free and easy-to-use dashboard make ELBY a prime music option for your business.

By being an ELBY Business customer, you are telling your patrons that you support local music, business, and culture. Gainesville has some of the best music in the country to offer in every imaginable genre. Your patrons will feel ever connected to the pulse of the lively local scene as they enjoy your establishment.

Business Submission

Interested in learning more about our ELBY Business Music Solutions? Fill out the form and an ELBY Specialist will schedule a time to come our to your Bar, Restaurant, Office or Retail Space to talk about how we can work together to showcase the thriving music scene here in Gainesville.

Advertise on ELBY

In accordance with our values, ELBY only advertises local businesses on our streams. To talk to our advertising sales department, please call 443-417-7457


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